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Vision Boards Help You Create the Future You Want

There are four levels to vision boards. When you follow the rules or steps, you earn the things you want. There is a science to it. I have gotten many things off of my vision board.

Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness and planned ones are needed today and everyday. I invite you to perform one today for yourself or someone else. Tame Your Inner Bully by saying nice things to yourself. Hurt people hurt people and healed people heal people. Lets start the healing today.

The Way You Feel About Yourself Shows Up On Your Face

You might be saying, “Oh dear.” It’s true. Your face really will freeze that way just like Mom said. Learn how to let your light shine in your face instead of your worry and overwhelm. To Learn even more sign up for my Feb 6 class. It is in-person or online. Just contact me at and I’ll send you the details. This world needs more light. Don’t you agree?