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Interview with Chip Maxwell for The Answer

When I was in Omaha, NE, Chip Maxwell interviewed me for the radio station The Answer before I went on stage. Here is the interview. We had an enthusiastic interview as you will hear. Enjoy.

Dan Clark Interviews Me for Voice of America Radio

I recently have the great privilege of being interviewed by Dan Clark for his Voice of America Radio show. Don’t worry. I cut the commercials out for your listening pleasure. Thanks for tuning in once again.

Mom’s March for America and the Green Room

I recently had the privilege of sharing the stage with Sarah Palin, Candy Carson, Karen Vaughn, and Sam Sorbo at Mom’s March for America in Omaha, NE. I am so glad I have learned how to Tame The Bully Between My Ears because you should have heard what it was saying to me in the green room. Find out in today’s podcast. Thanks for joining me.

The Extra Degree Makes All The Difference

I have a poster in my office from Simple Truths. It says 212 the extra degree. Today I talk about that extra degree and what it can do for you. I hope it changes your life like it did mine. Have a blessed day.

My Solar Eclipse and What I Learned From It

Solar eclipses are exciting things now days. However, think about a few years in the past to when they didn’t know what it was. I believe they might of thought the world was ending. Sometimes, when I am moving toward my goal, that’s how I feel. I am afraid my world might end. Then I take action and move through the fear. The joy in seeing “the sun” come out the other side is incredible. Let me help you move through your fear so you can make it to the other side and start living your mission.