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Pretty Worms

I saw a sign that read pretty worms and it got me to thinking. Random thoughts on pretty worms.

Growing and Learning Part 2: Friends

How much do your friends affect you? They just might be the reason you are still stuck. Find out now in this training.

Success in everything you do

Everyone wants success but not everyone is willing to do what it takes. Find out how to create the habits of success in this podcast.

Harness the Power of Your Mind

Learn how to harness the power of your mind to get you everything you want in life.

Quick Tips for Relationships #1

Take some time to stop off and get their favorite candy or maybe some flowers. It proves you were thinking of them.

Quick Tips for Relationships Tip #2

Write a note and leave it where they’ll find it.

When I have to leave before my kids wake up, I like to leave a sticky note on their bathroom mirror. It is a morning hug when I can’t be there.

Increasing Personal Value

Thanks for listening to this 45 minute training on how to increase your personal value. When you value yourself, nothing can put you down.

Quick Tips for Relationships Tip #3

Make their favorite dinner and whisper, “I made this just for you.” I always have a hard time deciding what to cook. This tip helps me and makes my loved one feel special.

Bully Proofing You in the Workplace

In this program I cover how to deal with bullying in the workplace. Enjoy and leave comments. Thanks.

Quick Tips for relationships #4

I love eating out for quit a few reasons. One being I hate deciding what to cook. Another, my kids get tired of doing the dishes. I enjoy when my husband surprises me with dinner out.