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  • Value Themselves & Know That They Belong in The World
  • Believe in Their Ability to Overcome Any Challenge & Know What They Stand For
  • Ultimately Live a More Fulfilled & Happy Life - Free From Worry & Doubt!

I highly recommend that you obtain Jeanie’s services for your program. She can provide your staff with golden nuggets to improve student performance and inspire them to bigger and better lives.

Kraig Steinhoff
Asst. Director, Southeast Region Career and Technology Center

One of the most honest & insightful people I know, Jeanie comes from a place of practitioner, academic, and credentialed professional. Bully Proofing You will help you create a safe productive environment, with significant personnel, operational and ROI implications.

Dr. Jeffrey Magee

Thank you for sharing a positive side of anti bullying and the focus on our self-worth of those we love and want to help. It's so good to focus on the good and see how that actually helps change those who are doing the bullying. Thanks!

Lisa Blake
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About the Author

Former bully victim as a young child, being picked on because of her height, health issues, and learning disabilities. Jeanie Cisco-Meth was told by her own teachers, that she would never amount to much. After many years of battling her way through life, she learned to adapt to her circumstances and break away from the story she was told. She now lives the life of her dreams, educating the public about how to break free from the effects of bullying to live the life they TRULY love. Her seminars, books, and podcasts have helped countless people around the world "bully-proof" themselves from the nonsense other people say to them, & empower them to enjoy life, and (most rewarding to her) has even saved lives, by preventing suicides and terrorism (as it is a common result of bullying).

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